As globalization advances, the collaboration between nations has brought comfort to everyone regarding technology and communication. However, with this growth, carelessness in sociable issues has also increased with rapid pace. One of the more critical socioeconomic issues resulting in concerns to the whole world is Human Trafficking.

Facts about human trafficking in today’s age is not any more the same old episode of a single party smuggling humans from underdeveloped places to other celebration stationed in the developed economy. These crooks now have powerful agencies and roots in nearly every country, and stay connected via technology and by other implies.

South African, Asian and American places are considered since the breeding grounds for these unlawful activities exactly where lack, poverty and illiteracy of understanding have blighted the life of simple people.These countries are alleged of harboring many “human trafficking nurseries.”Human being traffickers respect these territories as risk-free havens exactly where they know how to exploit simple human life.

One’s understanding of human trafficking cannot be complete without an knowledge of current strategies being used by these illegal traders.

Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is considered the most contagious method of human trafficking. It’s a trade of forced prostitution, where simple girls are deceived by different forms of fraud and coercion.Mexico, Philippines and India top rated the list of countries where the require is met in the buy and sell of sexual intercourse trafficking.

A case was documented recently by, on 6th of December 2011, several suspected human traffickers are arrested in Philippines, who allegedly dealt three girls and two young girls to Xiamen, China for commercial sexual intercourse.

American government bodies were found in action once they carried out a surgical procedure near Mexico and United states boundary, on December 24th, exactly where 11 individuals were arrested by Bullard Police, USA. The Bullard Police Sergeant alleged that Victor Guzman and Cayetano Torres-Rodriguez are having a people smuggling operation. On the very same day, Indian native authorities busted a gang of several people in connection to child trafficking; “Arresting Sukhdev is excellent achievement as he is trafficking children to several regions of India”, Police claimed.

The newest to come on record was the apprehension of two human traffickers in Ghana as they dealt six Nigerian girls. That which was meant to be a reliable job in the hairdressing beauty salon became a problem for half a dozen Nigerian young girls who were trafficked from their land to Ghana and pressed into prostitution at Prampram in the Higher Accra Region. The girls aged between 19 and 23 yrs from Edo, Lagos and Delta States were rescued by police upon a tipoff. The girls were brought into Ghana two weeks back.