AMP Research Deployable Steps automatically extends outward if the door opens and immediately retracts if the doors are closed. These Deployable Steps are practical, easy to install, and enhances the use of your truck or heavy-duty vehicle. The steps are powered by an encased-motor that is certainly attached without fuss within the vehicle. This makes it easy and simple for your factor to react quickly as you get in and out of your motor vehicle. The steps are activated by an electrical pulse from your vehicle’s door sensors and elongates to a reliable stepping height in roughly one second. Moreover, the Deployable Steps retracts tidily behind the vehicles OEM rocker panel.

FEATURES Immediately

-The AMP Research Deployable Steps automatically extend out and downward when doors are opened, withdraws quickly when doors are closed
-The Deployable Steps apparatus ranges from completely retracted to totally extended inside of 1.3 seconds or fewer following your door is opened
- AMP Research engineers developed a “Kinematic-lockout” function that can take away force on the motor and gears when withdrawn
-Full Cab extended running board
-No skid surface
-Deterioration resistant hardware
-Highly durable aluminum construction takes weight up to 600 lbs
-Improved with heavy-duty, weatherproof motor including anti-pitch technology
-Kits includes OEM quality wiring harness, electric drive motors, mounting hardware, full-length running boards, instructions
-3 year restricted warranty

As mentioned above, the AMP Research Deployable Steps are full-length, power-deployable running boards that expediently withdraws within the truck when not being used. In the event the doors are closed, there is absolutely no indication the Deployable Steps are even set up on the vehicle. Actually, the Deployable Steps makes vehicles more useful and much easier for drivers and passengers at the same time. It’s much easier to get in and out of the vehicle therefore, those who have trouble entering and exiting high ground vehicles will discover the AMP Research Deployable Steps quite useful.

Moreover, for individuals who take ventures off-road, there’ll be zero ground clearance dilemmas. Moreover, dissimilar to stationary Deployable Steps, the AMP Research Steps don’t gather dirt, debris, and dust. If anything, Deployable Steps are ergonomic, sleekly designed, durable, and cost-effective. They easily enhance the look off any vehicle containing them installed.


Over the past many years, automakers happen to be motivated to produce Deployable Steps or running boards that could provide heavy-duty vehicle owners with increased comfortable and much easier usage of their vehicles. With all the pinnacle of light-trucks, particularly SUVs and trucks becoming more popular in the 1990s and early 2000s, adaptability became vital and automotive accessory designers were motivated to make a retractable Deployable Step that could give consumers an option to the “factory look” running board.

Previous tries at developing Deployable steps failed in good design these types of pricing points, weight, and style goals. The AMP Research designs were created in 2000 with the intention of offering great looking, sleek construction, using a unique and technologically advanced option to what was already in the marketplace. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until 2002 that commercial creation of Deployable Steps by AMP Research materialized. The original OEM using AMP’s Deployable Step technology was a year later together with the 2003 Dodge-Ram pick up truck.


Distinctive from the trucks of years back which were primarily useful for agricultural and construction purposes, no less than 25% of end-users today purchase trucks mainly for business purposes or given that they like them. Because of so many different effects awarded vehicles today, trucks looks every bit as good as a well-designed car! The same with SUVs, before they were mainly useful for work purposes however, this trend is altering as many consumers purchase SUVs for business, large families, and car journeys.

Individuals born between 1946 and 1964, called Seniors, certainly are a huge number of the U.S. population, with a large amount of purchasing power. This group, and quite a few with children, are a significant consumer for AMP Research Deployable Steps since safety is a huge nervous about them. In the event the door is opened, the Deployable Steps offer assistance comfortable enough for those coming from all heights and ages. Moreover, those who have restricted physical capabilities can securely and safely go in and out of the vehicle at the same time. Moreover, women are interested in the safety and comfort the AMP Research Deployable Steps for his or her children, older people, and themselves. Actually, women are driving trucks and SUVs more frequently cell phone family, work, and leisure.

The first groups of Seniors are starting to retire. Although the economy has not ensured that they spend what ever they want, they may be still a large population with the most disposable income. There was an apparent trend using this type of group in investing more time and resources to enhance the grade of their life and their favorite pastimes. For instance, Seniors want to accessorize their vehicles together with the convenient and cost-effective gadgets. With all the serious amounts of funds, accessorizing their vehicles is very popular amongst this demographic. They have refurbished the look of their vehicles to match their lifestyles and personal taste. This is one reason why the AMP Research Deployable Step is so popular. If anything Seniors are practical. That like the options of the mechanism, enhanced comfort, safety, and the added style that it gives their vehicle.


Light trucks, particularly SUVs and trucks, are more expensive today than before. Therefore, owners wish to purchase top-quality automotive accessories to boost the worth and appeal of their vehicle. The AMP Research Deployable Steps offers enthusiasts and aesthetically aware heavy-duty and SUV owners a range of a new designed Deployable Step that enhances their valuable vehicle.

AMP Research, currently owned by Lund International, has shown that uniqueness in advancement within the automotive accessory industry in concert with the appropriate talent, intelligent design, top-notch quality, and reasonable price. Using a fantastic group of engineers, AMP Research designed Deployable Steps to offer consumers another choice in comfort design and to raise the usability of their vehicle.

AMP Research Deployable Steps have stood the test of time. These are Deployable Steps that buyers take into consideration in terms of improving the application of their vehicle such as entering and exiting. With all the smart and sleek form of the AMP Research Deployable Steps, the business proves once again that it has what it takes to get the public exactly what the want for his or her vehicles, great design, durability, visual appeal, ergonomic qualities, and affordability. Everything a consumer actively seeks in automotive design!